Quit Tips

Quit Resources

There's a lot of stuff out there to help you quit.

Nicotine Patch or Gum

As a contestant in wouldurather..., you could be eligible to get 8-weeks of the nicotine patch or gum shipped directly to your door for free, which can more than double your chances of quitting successfully. Order online now!





Talk to a Health Professional

…it can double or even triple your chances of successfully quitting!

Talk to a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, or quit specialist on your campus or in your community about your quit plan. Talk about what happened the last time you tried to quit; what you plan to do this time; whether prescription medications like Zyban or Champix might help and; what other resources are available to you.

Visit your campus website to find more info about the health services offered on your campus and to find a health professional, or find your local Public Health Unit.





Quit Smoking Booklets

These mini-booklets are evidence-based. They work!

SMOKE is for anyone who uses tobacco and doesn't want to quit right now.

It has tips for dealing with people who nag you to quit & info about smoking that really matters to young adults in post-secondary school!






QUIT is for anyone who uses tobacco and is thinking of quitting, or is ready to quit.

It offers info about quitting, and strategies that help you deal with nicotine withdrawal & cravings, the stress of being a student, and everyday temptations!







Hey, Something's Different is for anyone who uses tobacco.

Whether you are thinking about quitting, or aren’t ready to quit right now, this book offers info about how to handle withdrawal, control cravings, & provides strategies to help prepare you for the stress of everyday life that can make you start smoking again!






U Know U Want 2... Help a friend quit. Give this book to a friend or family member to let them know how to best support you. It explains all the things you experience when quitting smoking, and tells your friend how they can help you get through any rough spots.






QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE, online, do-it-yourself, 8-week program designed specifically for young adult smokers or recent ex-smokers. QUITRUNCHILL provides you the info you want about quitting smoking (or staying smoke-free), getting active and managing your stress effectively. By signing up you get:

  • [QUIT] Info about all the ways you can quit smoking (so you can choose the way that is best for you!) plus tips for dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • [RUN] An 8-week, learn-to-run schedule that updates weekly and includes information, specifically for smokers and recent quitters, on how running will help you succeed in your quit.
  • [CHILL] Tips and useful strategies you can use for managing stress (without smoking)!
  • [PLUS] Weekly motivational emails to help you get through your quit, resist smoking, stick to your run program and effectively deal with stress!

Check out QUITRUNCHILL.org today!





Smokers' Helpline

Txt Messaging - Receive interactive tips for quitting, scheduled messages, and info on how to cope with cravings. Go to: www.smokershelpline.ca.

Telephone - It's not a crisis line. It's a hassle-free service that you can call for real-time, person-to-person info about quitting. Call 1 (877) 513-5333.

The First Week Challenge Contest - Sign up by the last day of the month and stay tobacco-free for the first 7 days of the next month for a chance to win $500.